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From 12-01-2017 until 18-02-2017Hasan Deniz is known for his acclaimed series of photographs where he records spaces that are exempt from human beings and temporal references. In Tranquil Garden he presents photographs taken at European zoos. The architectural buildings designed by people for animals represent unique chronotopes within the settings that Deniz choose to provide. In the images by Deniz; cages, nests, little islands or gardens with artificially controlled climate conditions built both as living spaces as much as theatrical stages point to the human motives for collect and contain. The series of photographs mostly taken in continental zoos that assumed their main characteristics in mid-20th century involve rich and wry ways of subverting the methods of architectural and documentary photography. Hence, Deniz's photographs reveal a subtle manifestation of the relation between human and nature and uncovers the essential aspects of the Modernist traditions for rule and denial inherent in this relation.  View exhibition page >