Chilling With My X In The Park - 2
About current exhibition:

From 26-05-2016 until 02-07-2016Meet Me By Tree is a group exhibition that brings forward the changing love relations among couples within contemporary urban societies and the transformations of the traditional ways that love used to be expressed and the ways these expressions have been treated within the history of art.
In Öktem&Aykut’s hallway the visitors are being first shown Emel Kurhan’s work of embroidery on which two rooks are depicted as pecking at a human heart. The piece both caricatures and elevates the popularity of love as a theme on the traditional works of embroidery especially made by women. Opposing Kurhan’s piece, Murat Bulut Aysan’s two works are positioned: Meet Me By The Tree (the piece that gave the exhibition its title) and Chilling with my X in the Park. Both works focus on the transformations of urban habits caused by the very rapidity of 21st century communication technologies. The subject that dolefully gazes to the camera at CwmXitp and the sad hands that have knit the shivered heart in Kurhan’s piece put helpless and lonesome singles in the center of this show.  View exhibition page >