Gökçen Cabadan, The Past You Left Behind, oil on canvas, 60x90cm
About current exhibition:

From 09-09-2017 until 07-10-2017As a continuation of Cabadan's previous exhibition Dystopia that has also taken place at Öktem&Aykut in 2016, Monogamy in Recollection also subverts traditional understandings of the ways in which paintings are conventionally presented and perceived. The exhibition comprises a series of paintings and installations rendered in various scales and techniques. Cabadan juxtaposes both wide-angle and close-up compositions in diverse traditional genres such as still life and portraiture. The works' settings originate either from Cabadan's personal experiences and surroundings, or from found images and objects. The use of a symbolist style of expression throughout the works represent a call to a subtle imaginary. The paintings seek to trigger the viewer's own personal memory and stir his or her own reality.  View exhibition page >