past exhibition


Picking up where he left off in his previous works, Başkan continues his drawings with multi-layered forms and context, extending and regenerating both in terms of imagination and concept.


Bora Başkan


25.02.2017 - 25.03.2017

The elements constituting the basis of Başkan’s visual style of communication and the organisms he uses within physical settings, every so often recur through mutation or demolish the former and open up a thoroughly new zone. When these organisms that attempt to leave the two-dimensional surface of the drawing get stuck in the cross-sections of the already existing structure, they form affective topographies on the same surface.

When we consider all the visuals, we see that unlike Başkan’s previous works, Any-Structure Whatever brings structure and organism together through mutation. Başkan’s organisms, which multiply, transform through an act of overlapping and sometimes vanish, declare their singularity: A singularity originating from their own differences, through an association with any and other structural forms, in the anthropocene geographies they inhabit.