past exhibition

Sur/face MachinErrs

Başkan's works capture the moments of metamorphosys of living organisms, portrays the formation of bodily entities and the transformations of topographic profiles. As Zafer Aracagök pointed out in his exhibition text, this prosperous visual inventory opens up a plane before us, a plane which is not only limited to visuality and, hence, immanent.


Bora Başkan


06.11.2014 - 06.12.2014

“Nothing is fixed in this plane of immanence because the lines that make up a work reappear in other works as the lines of flight of a previous or the following work, bringing up the question, ‘To what extent does visuality remain with us?’ The curves, clashes and flights of the lines and hatchings complicate the boundaries between the linguistic, the aural and the visual, and thus push the spectator to a corporeal, bodily experience.”