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passing by...

At "passing by...", Kantürk questions the time he has come to spent as a contemporary artist, archivist, curator and a full-time academician. The exhibition consists of various moves and sections that unfold themselves within the intellectual flow where all these identities peacefully intermingle. Passing by... may also
be defined as a personal narrative focusing on the linear and cyclical passing of time through the ontological and practical positions of an artist.


Borga Kantürk


01.12.2017 - 06.01.2018

Kantürk’s first solo exhibition in Turkey since 2012, “passing by…” concludes a trilogy where each show may also be treated separately.

In this show, Kantürk eliminates a certain number of visual traces that prove consistent throughout the processes of production and observation. The exhibition is composed of photographs, drawings, paintings and installations that reveal an autobiographical story of testimonies and pursuits for past moments, an individual narrative that touches the trail of different roles and production processes assumed in the realm of contemporary art.

Focusing on the way time is being consumed, the way it is produced, its varying speed and its ephemerality, Kantürk explores how else to define new reflexes against the notion of time. This exploration is an effort to understand intertemporality amongst different positions in life and to describe the quotidian.

Born in 1978 in İzmir, Borga Kantürk studied his BA and MA and obtained proficiency at the Painting Department under Faculty of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University in İzmir. Kantürk has joined residency programs at La Friche, Sextant Et Plus in Marseille in 2009 and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist-in-Residence Programme) in 2005. His previous one-person exhibition has taken place at SKUC Gallery in Ljubljana, as a guest of SSCA. Other exhibitions by Borga Kantürk were The Sick and The Building , Gallery NON (2012), Cafe Recordis , Gallery NON (2011), Distance du Temoignages , Centres Culturel Français in Izmir (2009); Revenge of Zidane , MASA (2006). In 2005, an exhibition by Borga Kantürk and Ahmet Öğüt has taken place at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center.

Kantürk works as an associate professor at Faculty of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University. He is among the founders of the artist initiative K2, KUTU the portable art gallery and Izmir Cultural Platform Initiative and among the content editors of Pla+form magazine. Borga Kantürk lives and works in İzmir, Turkey.