past exhibition

Original Copy

In Original Copy, Boyner approaches the dichotomy between the original and the immitation; the duality that goes back to the Ancient Greek philosophy, but that has come to constitute one of the main themes of discussion within the history of art since Renaissance and especially after Modernity. Where does the original end and where does the immitation start? May the immitation replace the original? Does the immitation involve the essence? Does the function define the original? Does the essence exist without the function? Or, does the role contitute the original today? Can we finally determine our own role, choose the sides to take and make our essence useful today, when we are about to leave the times defined by mass production and fast consumption?


Elif Boyner


13.02.2015 - 07.03.2015

With works of video and installation at her Öktem&Aykut exhibition, Boyner questions whether the roles that we took up for ourselves are just there for us to assume to be privately tailored for us and hence whether our misconceptions and alienations develop further: ‘in a world where history keeps reenacting itself, especially in this very geographic region, one of the things that remain is the roles to be played by us within the supposedly changing systems – even though the copies are not directly to be observed here. ’