past exhibition

Behind the Sun

Kurhan's production saves the archetypical images of modern life and artistic expression against the congestion of 'the time after'. Thanks to Kurhan's sharp pop interventions, clouds, butterflies and falling leaves are pulled out of the winding sense of nostalgia. This intervention suddenly reminds an Ancient poem, a childhood memory or an early 20th century classic, but with a twist that renders the images fresh and enlivening.


Emel Kurhan


13.05.2017 - 01.07.2017

In “Behind The Sun”, Kurhan devotes the very essence of her imagery to recall the times when the feeling of congestion comes to a standstill. The works reveal young images that encourage us to fight against the suffocation. A sparrow perched upon a teacup, a mouse entranced by the smell of the fresh flowers, rusty chairs of the public parks or confetti rains… Images like these provide times of suspension where the society ends, a nest where it is mute and flat.