past exhibition

Four Seasons of Solitude

We are both afraid of being alone, and also constantly looking forward to shut the door and leave the world outside. We are sad that we’ll get lonesome as we get older, yet we have enough of this endless childishness anyway. Our solitude is both a trouble that gets harder to bear and an addiction that we feel at home more and more.


Emel Kurhan


13.03.2015 - 04.04.2015

In Four Seasons of Solitude, Kurhan reminds her followers of her tricksy, playful, tender and adventuorus world full of both melancholy and cheer. She turns the gallery space into a one-person apartment and asks the visitors to witness a private life of a loner. In her works that bring painting and embroidery together, she reflects upon the inner tensions of fragile but upbeat hearts. Four Seasons of Solitude is the sum of the growing-old stories of modern individuals that do not ignore dismal yet always look for the joyful.