past exhibition


Some people living in modern apartment buildings try to detach the building from its own reality with neo-classical carton-pierre ornaments. This rather seems to be a way for the middle-classes to stretch the modern condition like a trampoline and make it both safe and fun for themselves. This eclectic move for transforming indoors is a way of resistance; trying to breath under the ruins of a collapsing utopia as they do is a crippled yet attractive way of challenging.


Gökçen Cabadan


24.03.2016 - 23.04.2016

Cabadan treats public space, capital, politics, museums, curators, yuppies and hipsters as elements of the art scene inseparable from “the use of friends as accessories in selfies on social networks”. Because of this closely knit texture that blocks personal expression to be found in paintings, he employs them as decoration like carton-pierre ornaments in apartments. As the painter “decorates” the inner space of the gallery with his work, he discusses how the viewer and himself are positioned against this decoration. For the crayon drawings and oil paintings, he was influenced by the sterilized and impersonal portraits of the image storages and has painted these along with body details of the models and some mis-en-scenes that he himself created. By adding alienating elements such as the oval framing techniques and the French passe-partout, he reminds the viewer that the painting is sole decoration. He explorers the possibility of looking at the painting “here” and “now”.