past exhibition

Meet Me By The Tree

Meet Me By Tree is a group exhibition that brings forward the changing love relations among couples within contemporary urban societies and the transformations of the traditional ways that love used to be expressed and the ways these expressions have been treated within the history of art.
In Öktem&Aykut’s hallway the visitors are being first shown Emel Kurhan’s work of embroidery on which two rooks are depicted as pecking at a human heart. The piece both caricatures and elevates the popularity of love as a theme on the traditional works of embroidery especially made by women. Opposing Kurhan’s piece, Murat Bulut Aysan’s two works are positioned: Meet Me By The Tree (the piece that gave the exhibition its title) and Chilling with my X in the Park. Both works focus on the transformations of urban habits caused by the very rapidity of 21st century communication technologies. The subject that dolefully gazes to the camera at CwmXitp and the sad hands that have knit the shivered heart in Kurhan’s piece put helpless and lonesome singles in the center of this show.


Murat Bulut Aysan, Ahmet Civelek, Jennifer İpekel, Komet, Emel Kurhan, Lara Ögel, Aslı Özdemir, Erdem Taşdelen, Ekrem Yalçındağ


26.05.2016 - 02.07.2016

Since Duchamp’s The Large Glass (or, The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even), love, lust, friendship and eroticism have proved to be the subjects of the most amusing works when treated with the irony inherent to conceptual art. The same notions though provided severity and earnestness in expressionist and abstract pieces. On the other hand, these very themes proved the approach wrong that all these genres of modern and contemporary art to be boring and overtly serious, and especially love as a subject provided a hub for these opposing genres to meet. Thanks to its foci, the works at Meet Me By The Tree are positioned on a line that brings expressionist and conceptual pieces of contemporary art together.
Lara Ögel’s I Won’t Be Long is a two-channel video piece. Sequences of singles running towards their partners are shown on two opposing TV screens – where of course the couples can never truly meet. Thanks to the idea of collage that constitutes the very center of Ögel’s work, the melancholic theme gains a bittersweet taste. Erdem Taşdelen’s pieces from his series The Elements of Discontent are works of digital collage for which Taşdelen uses every single visual material in chosen books of psychology. Every piece is named after one certain book (The Science of Self-Control; Grow or Die; Public Appearances Private Realities) and each happened to represent a ridiculous and sharp interpretation of it that resembles both a puzzle and an abstract composition. Two abstract works taken from the series Puzzle Paintings by Ahmet Civelek juxtapose and elevate the ideas of abstraction together with the idea of coalescence in a very peculiar tongue-in-cheek manner. In her series Invisible People, Jennifer İpekel paints characters in love with a very strong expressionist and even painterly attitude that still manages to tease its own subject. Small drawings of crayon by Aslı Özdemir, which remind the stains and clefts by Still and Kline offer melancholic maps for contemporary love relations. The central work of Meet Me By The Tree belongs to Ekrem Yalçındağ. In his well-known style of painting and ornamentation, Yalçındağ presents an abstraction of a tree that represents a blessing and caress not only for love but the entire Being. The exhibition though ends with Komet’s abstract masterpiece where he adopts the oldest trope, the archetypical metaphore for love: Fire.