past exhibition


Under the current chaotic spell that triggers both awe and anxiety, indeterminacy does not imply playfulness or independence anymore. Continuously exceeding thresholds or zigzagging across any kind of borders does not help life to get more purposeful. And, we past the point of return.


Jennifer İpekel


31.03.2017 - 29.04.2017

In her works, Jennifer İpekel builds up mythologies for people that belong to this very recent age that does not resemble anything experienced by any former generation. The title of the show is borrowed from Jared Higgins’ dystopic but stirring novella Genesis, where so-called Atomtaxi was the only vehicle that enable the characters to move across the irreversibly separated realms of social class. Yet, Ipekel’s narrative divert with a cheerful Feminist touch and combative grace from other punk celebrations of the near apocalypse. With a peculiar genuine humour, İpekel’s colorful, expressionist, bold and witty paintings beat the popular pessimistic narratives about our current spell away, and for good.