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Nature of Chaos

After his graduation from Brussel’s Victor Horta Higher Institute of Architecture, Logie took part in various architectural projects in Belgium and Turkey. He has also been interested in skateboarding since childhood. Logie was awarded with “Régle d’or de l’Urbanisme” by Brussel’s Chamber of Urbanism in 2007 with his reconstruction project of the Ursulines square in Brussels which incorporated a skatepark to the area. Abstract works of Logie bear the traces of his architectural education and skateboarding experience. His works on paper and canvas include abstractions of mobile urban landscape that portray the city from within.


Sinan Logie


11.12.2014 - 10.01.2015

Logie’s works titled “Fluid Structures”  is a series of abstractions that discuss the relation between space, body and mind through art. With these gestural abstractions, Logie brings together Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism with a contemporary language. These works have unique visual qualities and combine Constructivist elements, romantic landscape abstractions, which are the premises of Abstract Expressionism, and the pictorialism of Action Painting in a way that would express the multidimensionality and dynamism of today’s late modernist global metropolises. Logie’s brush builds a balance between what is clear, constant and massive, and what is mobile, transient and ephemeral. This provides a sympathetic analysis of the authentic hybridity of the 21st century.

Born in Brussels in 1973, Sinan Logie graduated from Victor Horta Higher Institute of Architecture in 1998 and was awarded with Adrien Cools Prize for Best Master Thesis. He has collaborated with Brussels-based innovative architectural office L’ESCAUT in a number of private and public architectural projects until 2006. Logie has been an associate professor in Bilgi University’s Department of Architecture since 2013 and prepares the book titled “Istanbul 2023,” which discusses the urban sprawl in Istanbul, together with Yoann Morvan. Logie’s works have been included in group exhibitions held in Brussels and Istanbul (Gallery Apel, Slick Art Fair, PG Art Gallery).