past exhibition

Complete Paintings

In an old tale, when a boy in shorts or a girl in pleats wanders innocently through the woods or along the shore in joy, something happens. Even though the kid feels at home among the trees or on the beach, suddenly something would catch his/her eye through the leaves and waves. He/she would feel that he/she is seeing something that has also been displayed to his/her parents and grandparents in ancient times. All those timeless tales that belong to antiquity would suddenly rise up and come to life. All the sayings that he/she had avoided would unexpectedly gain meaning. He/she would first anticipate, then maybe even comprehend, all that his/her ancestors that he/she has never even heard of, has watched and even recorded behind and beyond the same mountains, rocks, forest and the see.


Toygun Özdemir


15.12.2015 - 09.01.2016

Toygun Özdemir is part of an Istanbulite generation of artists that grew up among narrow apartment buildings instead of trees and along highways but shores. A generation that rendered Romantic poets, Expressionist painters and Modernist architects as part of their ancestors and elders. In his first one-person exhibition Complete Paintings Özdemir paints the things that appear to him through the chaos that we share, the things that are common to the memories of people that inherent different pasts. Images that occur to him, either as bliss or as curse, are put in mis-en-scene by Özdemir. Hence, they make up documents of memory, hope and reassurance that anchor us both to past and to future during the visually oppressive days of our neo-liberal abundance..