Sinan Logie

Sinan Logie (1973, BE) graduated from the Institut Superieur d’Architecture Victor Horta in Brussels. He started his collaboration with one of Belgium’s most progressive architecture offices: L’Escaut. Since 2005, Sinan has developed his personal architectural and artistic work through various projects in Belgium and Turkey. His work has been exhibited and published in Europe, USA and Turkey. He is currently leading his researches and teaching architectural design studio courses at Istanbul Bilgi University. 

His book titled Istanbul 2023, written together with Yoann Morvan which discusses the urban sprawl, was published by B2 Publishing in Paris in the fall of 2014. The Turkish version of the book was presented to readers by İletişim Publishing House in 2017. Their joint book with the same author, Méga Istanbul, was finalized in 2019 and published by Cavalier Bleu, Paris. This last book was the final stage of Morvan and Logie’s six-year investigation on the fringes of the megalopolis. 

In addition to his academic and artistic practice, in recent years Logie has also been experimenting in the field of music. He has performed with different music collectives such as Ha Za Vu Zu, Dolapdere Noise Orkestra and İlk Zamanlar, in institutions and venues such as SALT Beyoğlu, Arka Oda (Kadıköy) and Hara. 

November 24, 2023 — January 13, 2024

September 4 – November 9, 2019

December 12 – January 10, 2015

Fluid Structures (Phase 18), 2019, Paraffin on paper, 100x70 cm
Fluid Structures (Phase 18), 2019, Concrete, 50x65x33 cm
Fluid Structures (Phase 11), 2015, Oil on paper, 87x117 cm
Fluid Structures (Phase 18), 2019, Oil on paper, 66x88 cm
Fluid Structures (Phase 18), 2019, Oil on paper, 66x88 cm
Fluid Structures (Phase 18), 2019, Wood, 170x238x238 cm