Toygun Özdemir CV

Toygun Özdemir

Born in 1986 in İzmir, Toygun Özdemir completed his bachelor’s degree in painting at Mimar Sinan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul. Based in İstanbul since then, Özdemir adopts a flexible stylistic approach, and this characteristic fluidity also applies to the subject matter of his paintings. In his landscapes, the artist reflects the flux in nature through the liquidity of paint. In his figurative work, he conjures up characters enmeshed in the complexity of the 21st century, rendering them in absurd and paradoxical situations that are reflective of the artist’s idiosyncratic dark humor. Özdemir presented his works for the first time in the group exhibition“Parlor Party” (2014) at Öktem Aykut, where he subsequently had four solo shows: “CompletePaintings” (2016); “Stranger” (2017), “Happy-Go-Lucky” (2019) and “Golden Age” (2022). He also participated in the Miart fair with a solo presentation in Milan (2018).