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Split Horizon (Domestic Disobedience)

In his works, Can Altay points to the ways in which legal and conventional borders are transgressed. Hence, through politics of space, he elaborates on the conflict between the traditional and the subjective. By discussing western notions and values with a focus on the novelties peculiar to us; Altay develops a critical language that reaches out to the organisms with affection, bewilderment and admiration - for those are the ones that manage to breath in the midst of the tradition and the (post)modernist and globalist dominations. "How do we harbor in the system or spaces that we are born into? To what extent are the harboring strategies engraved to us? How far can they be pushed? What are the limits that we take for granted and try to push from there on? These are the types of questions that form my real focus."


Can Altay


01.09.2015 - 17.10.2015

Altay’s one-person exhibition ‘Split Horizon (Domestic Disobedience) that will take place from September 1st until October 17th, 2015 involves works that comprise the main subjects discussed in his earlier works and shows, carrying the earlier premises and experiments a step further. The exhibition extensively recapitulates his main paths and visual vocabulary. However, the sense of optimism and celebration inherent to his earlier shows are replaced by a solemn attitude created by domestic objects, urban spaces and other means of observation. Although he continues to embrace local peculiarities as objects of knowledge connected with people, the city and modernism, he adapts a more anxious, more provocative and direct tone. And, the audience is welcome to follow.

Can Altay was born in 1975 in Ankara and graduated from Bilkent University with a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. In 2004 he received the Master’s degree in Critical Studies from Malmö Art Academy of Lund University as well as his PhD in Bilkent University. In 2006, he had his first solo exhibition at Sala Rekalde in Bilbao. His works were part of the Biennales in Havana, Pusan, Istanbul, Gwangju, Taipei, Marrakech and Thessaloniki and shown in various institutions including Walker Art Center, ZKM, Van AbbeMuseum, PS1 MoMa, Museum Haus Konstruktiv. He is the chair of the Department Of Industiral Design in Bilgi University and lives and works in Istanbul.