Begüm Yamanlar

In her practice, Begüm Yamanlar (1989) focuses on spaces with either collective or personal heaviness. She captures her shots when these spaces are about to vanish, when they are about to loose their daily functions and identities. Thanks to the ways she utilizes contemporary photography and video techniques, she builds up the spaces as they are rendered in people’s memories, as opposed to how they actually seem. Yamanlar is after the togetherness of the past and present imaginations for various thick spaces, such as Atatürk Cultural Center in central Taksim that bears significance for collective memory or anonymous Non-places a la Augé, or personal places with particular family history.

Yamanlar completed her undergraduate studies on Photography and Video at Bahçeşehir University in 2008, and continued her graduate studies on Visual Arts and Communication Design at Sabancı University. Currently she is doing her Phd on Cinema and Media Research program while giving lectures on Photography and Video Art at Bilgi University in İstanbul. Her works have been featured in solo exhibitions in 2015 at Gallery Zilberman, in 2019 at Öktem Aykut, in 2020 at Şerefiye Cistern and in various group exhibitions in Turkey (Arter, OMM, Sabancı Museum, Atatürk Cultural Center, Evliyagil Museum, Istanbul Modern, Gallery Nev) as well as in other countries such as France (ArtCOP), Sweden (Istanbul Modern – Lands- krona, Landskrona Museum), and Philippines (The Surface of the World: Architecture and the Moving Image, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design).


24.05.2019 – 06.07.2019

05.05.2023 – 03.06.2023